Being a software engineer by profession and a singer by passion, I am super-blessed to enjoy two distinct yet exciting careers at the same time. Back in school life, when everyone was preparing for university, I decided to opt for vocal lessons along with getting apt at playing violin and guitar. That

marked a new phase of my life. From turning on karaoke to pretend myself performing at my concert to actually recording my favorite songs and uploading them on YouTube, I eventually achieved that level

where I wrote my first song.

While I love the extensive troubleshooting and technical exposure of my day job as an engineer, singing is an entirely different world for me. I strongly believe in openly expressing my ideologies and personality in the songs I write. My new release, Silent

Dreams, is a great example – the song is not just about loving someone; it’s about my own dreams and thoughts. Carrying on with this style and passion, I aspire to become a highly successful singer and software engineer who represents an ideal icon of versatility.

Outside my two distinct careers, I love traveling to explore different cultures and meet new people from

all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Let’s connect to share our love for music.

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